Obama Briefs

Eyewitness to the Ayers Revolution: They Planned To Kill 25 Million Americans [1]
Obama’s friend and associate, Thomas Ayers, had plans to enforce Marxist/socialist ideals.

France’s Leader: Sarkozy Views Obama Stance On Iran As ‘Utterly Immature’ [2]
World leaders don’t want Obama doing a one-on-one with Iran president.

CBS Exposes The Obama Campaign’s Financing Fraud Machine — Buying An Election [3]
Watch CBS News video about the largest presidential election fraud ever.

Corruption: Amazingly, Obama Actually Endorses Another Corrupt Democrat [4]
Endorsing corrupt politicians is not the HOPE & CHANGE Americans want.

Obanomics: Spend & Tax Like A Crazy Socialist [5]
Spending like an immature teenager with a credit card — no self control.

Obanomics: The Threat To Our Growth Due To Obama’s Socialism [6]
Free-marketers creating innovation and wealth versus bureacrats and politicians who want to loot.

Obanomics: The Socialism Road Always Leads To Serfdom [7]
Watch a brief, decades-old slide show exposing the threats of socialism/marxism.

The MSM: Objective Journalism The Loser During 2008 Presidential Election [8]
The press bias and lack of objectivity has destroyed creditability and trust.

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